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The CCUA is an organisation that works on behalf of its members to improve the court services that we all use. We require them to run smoothly in order for us all to do our jobs to the best of our ability. It is therefore important to us that we not only keep you all up to date with the most relevant information but also hear from you and understand how all of our members feel about the topical issues that are affecting us all. To assist with this exercise we run regular regional meetings throughout the year.

These regional meetings are held either three or four times a year depending on the region. They are held in the following locations:

CCUA Region
Greater London and South East
South West
Manchester or Leeds




In attending one of our regional meetings you will benefit from the collective views and opinions of the members in attendance as well as being able to provide your own, throughout our lively and informative debates.

As the CCUA Council has frequent dialogue with HMCTS most regional meetings are attended by HMCTS senior local officers. Such attendance has a mutual benefit; CCUA can share their own experiences and feedback any concerns to the central office directly and HMCTS has the opportunity of meeting their users directly and imparting up-to-date information to them as well as taking back and hopefully resolving members’ issues. In addition representatives of CCUA Council regularly meet with HMCTS and The Ministry of Justice at their Headquarters in London to raise members’ issues, many of which arise at the regional meetings.

We like to cover a varied and interesting number of topics within each regional meeting and we will always endeavour to make these as current as possible, significantly improving our relationship with you (our members), other associations and also the main bodies who govern our profession.

Guest Speakers
In order to widen the dialogue and variety within our regional meetings we normally invite guest speakers to share their knowledge, experience and also answer any questions members may have. This is a fundamental part of our offering as an organisation with each speaker chosen for their expertise in a particular field.

CPD Accredited
Most CCUA events, including regional meetings are CPD accredited by the Law Society and CILEX. Providing such benefits to all our members is vitally important, as we understand that your time is valuable. The CCUA views such continual learning and career development (in an accredited way) as just one of the vitally important elements we offer as part of your membership.

The best way to keep informed as to when your next regional meeting will take place is via LinkedIn or by asking the CCUA directly. Contact details can be found below.

Your Regional Chairs
If you would like to get in touch with your regional chair please use the contact details below or alternatively, contact the CCUA directly on 07583 137979 or;

CCUA Region
Greater London & South East
South West
Tamsin Cooper*
Anthony Sharp
Tony Whitman
Martin Wood



*recently appointed.

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