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For individuals and businesses on their own, lobbying the government is a significant challenge. As the only organisation lobbying solely on litigation matters within the creditor sector, the CCUA exists to bring together court users, provide a framework for debate and bring its members’ concerns to the attention of the court system.

The CCUA now represent a wide range of court users with a single common interest: the continued efficient operation and improvement of the Civil Courts in England and Wales. These members include banks, building societies, debt collection companies, finance houses, sole legal practitioners and law firms and many other ancillary businesses.

The benefits of joining the CCUA are numerous. In addition to national initiatives, our members have access to four regional networking groups that provide an important opportunity for exchanging views and experiences. These meetings are frequently attended by senior local officers from HM Courts & Tribunals Service; emphasising the strong links we have developed with HMCTS.

There are three levels of CCUA membership:
Level 1: Large or multi-centre organisations and publicly quoted limited companies
Level 2: Multi-staff organisations and other limited companies
Level 3: Sole traders, consultants and individuals who fall outside Level 1 and Level 2

Request an application form to be considered for membership here.

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