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Terms and Conditions

Important Notes & Declaration

1) Membership is self-certified. The contact named above should decide into which category of membership the company/individual fits. The CCUA however, reserve the right to challenge any application on the basis of being unlikely, and may ask for supporting evidence, i.e. audited accounts. All applications should of include information about the company, eg. company brochure, website address, a written overview.

2) In order to apply for Level Five Membership, a company should write a supporting letter with this application, citing reasons why they feel their application should be considered outside the normal structure and a subscription fee negotiated. It is important that you should be able to show how you do not fit into the other subscription levels. Supporting evidence about the company will be required.


Declaration: In applying for membership of the CCUA, I understand that I will be invoiced for my annual subscription on the date of joining and thereafter on 1st January each year. The Administrator must receive resignations from the association in writing at least one month prior to the 1st January. Failure to do so will result in the full annual subscription becoming due and payable on the renewal date.

I undertake, if elected, to observe the rules and regulations of the Association as outlined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, a copy of which will be sent to you upon your application being approved. I agree that company name and contact details can be published by the Association on the website or other publication if necessary. If i do not agree, I will contact the Administrative Office to inform.

I have included relevant supporting information or our website address and I wish the National Council to consider my application.